Vallée du Préto Residential Estate

Internal Regulations


1. Conditions for admission

Staying on the estate means accepting the provisions of these regulations

and undertaking to comply with them.

Any breach could lead to expulsion of the perpetrator.

In the case of a serious offence, the manager may call on the police


2. Police formalities

Any person who is going to stay on the estate must present his identity

documents to the estate manager and complete the formalities required

by the police.

Minors who are not accompanied by their parents will only be admitted with

their written permission.

3. Settling in

When settling in, the resident must check the condition of the premises and

the inventory of equipment, he will have 24 hours to notify any damage or

missing item. After that time, any damage or missing item may be

attributed to him and deducted from the security deposit.

4. Arrivals and Departures

You may arrive from 3pm onwards. The chalets must be vacated at 10am

the morning of your departure.

Residents are requested to notify the estate manager of their time of

arrival if it is after 7pm and their departure if it is before 9am.

5. Noise and Silence

Users of the estate are urged to avoid all noise and arguments which might

inconvenience their neighbours.

Accordingly, noisy equipment must be kept in check and must not be used

beyond the boundaries of each chalet.

There must be total silence between 11pm and 8am.

6. Swimming pool

The regulations for the swimming pool are posted on the entrance door.

We would remind you that it is not supervised and a responsible adult must

accompany minors. Furthermore, it is strictly reserved for residents of the


7. Visitors

With the manager's agreement, visitors may be admitted to the estate and

remain under the responsibility of the residents who are receiving them.

They are not allowed access to the swimming pool.

8. Use of vehicles

Access to the estate by motor vehicles is only permitted for settling

in and dropping off luggage on the day of departure and arrival. They

must then be driven at less than 5kmph. No driving on the estate is

allowed between 10pm and 8am.

Vehicles will not be parked in the grounds but in the car park.

9. Car park

Vehicles are parked on the estate's unsupervised car park, and their owners

are responsible for them. They must ensure that they do not leave any

valuable items in them and that they are locked.

Each rented chalet has a parking place marked with the name of the chalet.

Extra vehicles shall be kept in a reserved area of the car park. Visitors

must leave their vehicles outside the estate.

10. Upkeep and appearance of the fixtures and fittings

Each person must refrain from any action that might interfere with the

cleanliness, hygiene and appearance of the estate.

Household rubbish, rubbish of any kind, and papers must be placed in the

bins at the entrance of the estate (in closed sacks).

Drying washing and bath towels must be done as discretely as possible.

The planted areas and floral decorations must be respected. Hammering nails

into them, cutting branches and putting up drying lines is prohibited.

11. Theft

The management team is only responsible for items deposited at the office.

Residents must notify the camp manager of the presence of

any suspicious person.

12. Games

No violent or obstructive games must be organised near the facilities.

Management disclaims all responsibility in the case of any accident to

children who must always be under their parents' supervision. The parents

must ensure that their children use the climbing frame properly. (it is

forbidden to climb to the top).

13. Lake

The lake is closed for safety reasons. Parents are asked to please

supervise their children so that they do not climb over the fence. The boat

on the lake is not for residents' use but for the use of management for

maintenance purposes. Bathing in the lake is strictly prohibited. Fishing

is allowed provided that the fish are released and there is no climbing over

the fence.

14. Animals

Cats and dogs are not allowed on the estate.

The estate is inhabited by numerous wild and domestic animals, please leave

them in peace. Sheep and poultry are not allowed access to the estate unless

the site manager is present. The donkeys may only be approached behind their


15. Fire precautions

Safety instructions are posted at the entrance of the site as well as the

telephone number of the fire brigade. Fire extinguishers can be found on the

lampposts in the walkways.

Barbecues are permitted. For their safety, residents must take care to

extinguish the ashes after use and supervise children. Placing barbecues on

the chalet terraces is prohibited.

16. Access to reception

Access to reception house where the warden lives must be by the front door.

Access to the garden and lake marked "Private" is not allowed.

Pléneuf, 07/01/2001





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